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Kingsdown 1000 Coil Mattress

Reg. $1195 – On Sale $588

We Sell a Better Nights Sleep

Using our bedMATCH® machine we take the guessing out of buying a mattress. bedMATCH® is a patented diagnostic sleep system that makes scientific recommendations about which mattress would be right for you and takes the stress out of your mattress choice.
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Lifestyle Beds

Lifestyle or adjustable bed frames add a new level of comfort to your nighttime routine. Whether you are watching TV, reading or just looking to neutralize different pressure points on your body we have a lifestyle bed to fit your needs.


All bodies are not created equally and neither are all pillows. Your pillow could be the reason you wake up feeling blah. Get fitted for a memory foam pillow that fits your body, helps neutralize your body temperature and will help you have a better night.

Sheets and Blankets

Our selection of breathable sheets help you regulate your body temperature with their air flow technology and create an environment that is conducive to a great night’s sleep. A weighted blanket might also relax your body and help you sleep.


The final puzzle piece is the bed frame. A sturdy solid wood or upholstered bed allows you to rest peacefully without waking every time your partner rolls and shakes the bed. Choose from many different wood, stains and fabrics to create the bed of your choice.
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Shipping and Removal of Mattresses

Our “white glove” shipping service includes delivery, set up and removal of your old mattress for recycling. Ask one of our mattress specialists for more details.
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