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Being relegated to a room in your home as your current work-space has become the norm for so many people. Whether you are working from an in-home office or are making do with a desk in an extra bedroom, basement or family room now is the time to add furniture to make your office life easier. Choose a desk or maybe a multifunctional sofa table that can double as your work area and then add a file cabinet or a buffet with storage space for files or supplies. Invest in yourself.

Handcrafted Desk


Looking for single pedestal desks, double pedestal desks, stand up desks or writing desks. In solid wood and meta, we have styles to fit every décor. Choose your wood type, stain and colour of metal so your desk can reflect your personality and fit right into your home… more

Office Chairs

Office Chairs

The most important thing in your office is your chair. With all this work at home we need the support of a good office chair for our backs so we take care of our bodies as we work. With our selection of Lifeform chairs we can ergonomically give you all day comfort while you work… more

filing cabinet


Looking to store extra office supplies, hide away your mess in a hurry? Any kind of file cabinet, buffet or dresser can work with your desk. Choose a wood piece in stain or paint colour that fits in your décor and start organizing your things… more


When you are in the midst of creating your home office remember that one day you may go back to an office outside your home but you will still need an at home workspace. Choose pieces that can serve more that one purpose and that have great storage for crafts and supplies. A big workspace lets children work on projects or puzzles and may become a craft centre for the whole family. Our designers can create a space usable for the whole family and stylized to fit seamlessly into your current decor.

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Simply Amish

North American made hand-crafted furniture that comes with a lifetime warranty. Available in 8 different woods every piece can be customized.


Using solid wood to craft their furniture, this Canadian company boasts products that are made to last. Personalize your rooms with pieces where you choose the wood that they are made of and the colour you want that wood to be.

Handstone Office Desk
lifeform chairs


Lifeform is a locally owned Canadian company specializing in quality made ergonomic chairs that last. Their goal is to create a work chair that fits and supports your whole body but doesn’t compromise on style.

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