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Time to redo your family room, living room or TV room? Decide on a plan and then choose from leather or fabric and get the pieces that work best in your room. From sofas, chairs or home theatre seating, everything can be personalized for your space. Find that perfect comfort level to keep everyone in your family gathering happily. Add in an end table and a coffee table to hold a game, charcuterie board or just your feet and then settle in and relax!

Living Room Furniture

Design Plan

Take advantage of our free in-home design service and come up with a plan that can be implemented in one step or that you can add to over time… more

Palliser Recliner


Gone are the days when recliners were old fashioned chairs that only grandpas sat in, or kids played on. Choose from our power recliners in sleek contemporary looks right to the more traditional styles. Many of our different recliners have options with lumbar support, neck adjustments and space saving reclining options, right to lift chairs for anyone needing help to stand up… more

Canadian Made Living Room Furniture

Home Theatre Seating

If you are looking to set up your room for optimal TV viewing we have a great selection of Home Theatre Seating. Choose from many different, leather or fabric samples and options such as tablet holders, drink grommets or LED lighting. In power or manual watching a movie In the comfort of your home will become a new experience…. more


With a plan in hand the rest of the design process is easy. Trying out and touching the different sofas in the store helps with not being surprised once the furniture arrives at your home so spend some time trying out and looking at samples. Take the fabric or leather samples to your home to see how they look in your light. Once you have arrived at a decision for the upholstered pieces in your house adding tables, lamps and accessories can give that touch of personality you want to show off. Let every piece tell a story!

Picture of Palliser Furniture

Palliser Furniture

A Canadian company out of Winnipeg, Palliser offers a selection of leather and fabric upholstery from, chairs and sofas to power recliners and home theatre seating. At Bracko we have a Palliser Studio that showcases many of thier styles and let’s our customers try out their choices.


With hundreds of fabric and leather options and a huge variety of styles Decor-rest can be customized to fit any room in your home. Choose complimentary fabrics for toss pillows or an occasional chair to create that personalized room that reflects you.

Decor-rest sofa
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